The Wild Within Series

The Wild Within series is a deeply spiritual reflection on faith, feminine power, surrender and freedom. I created this series during my first and second trimesters of pregnancy with my second child. I found myself in a totally new chapter of creativity; I deeply desired to continue to paint, but found my physical energy to be just a fraction of what it was prior to being pregnant. I found myself drawn to creating large, expressive abstracts, as I could experience the most freedom and have the biggest impact with limited time and energy available to paint. These paintings are a visual manifestation of some of the personal changes I experienced during pregnancy. I felt so limited in terms of my physical abilities, but also in wonder of the incredible work that my body was doing. As a pregnant woman, I am not creating new life, I am simply a conduit for God to create life through my body. I feel the same about these paintings. They seemed to arrive from the heavens as I entered a new process of working- being wholly present in the studio, tuning in, listening closely to the spirit within for colour choices, brushstrokes and movement. 

I found out as the series came to a close that I am having a baby girl, which seems to make perfect sense with the floral motifs that are woven all through these pieces