“Cadence of Love” 30×36″ Original Painting


Original canvas painting

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This is a diary entry.

All my paintings are really, but this one in particular is my reflection on the dichotomy of the sublime and excruciating aspects of loving and caring for a newborn and toddler.

I don’t often put the horizon line smack in the middle of the painting.

But for this piece it made perfect sense to do so. The beautiful parts of this stage are so extraordinary they feel like little bits of heaven. Like a big beautiful sky with a gorgeous sunset. Like soaring. The newborn snuggles after nursing, the sleepy stretches, the way my toddler bursts into laughter over an inside joke.

And the tough parts feel like bushwacking through muddy thick forest. When they’re both melting down at the same time, the sleep deprivation, the shit, literal and metaphorical.

And it’s all wrapped up together in this beautiful life, this moment in time.

30×36″ acrylic painting by Sarah Lewke. Painted on gallery wrapped canvas with edges painted black, so no framing is needed. 

Wired and ready to hang. Signed on front, labeled on back.

The Presence Series

The Presence Series focuses on the theme of recognizing the divine moments in ordinary life, seeing the miraculous amidst the mundane.

These paintings have been my diary entries, my meditations and escapes through the thick and thin moments of late pregnancy, the birth of my daughter and early postpartum.

These pieces have flown up like birds through the edges of a season of enormous personal transformation.

My hope is that this collection stops you in your tracks, draws you in and reminds you of the moments you felt completely present in nature.

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