“Energize” 24×48″ Original Painting


Original canvas painting

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This piece transformed in an incredible way through the process of painting. One beautiful young woman was on my mind each time I worked on this painting. Her transformation and growth are somehow connected to this painting. It’s straight beauty, it feels bigger, softer. This painting is about abundance tumbling down from heaven.

Original 24×48” acrylic painting by Sarah Lewke. Painted on gallery wrapped canvas with edges painted black, so no framing is needed. 

Wired and ready to hang. Signed on front, labeled on back.

The Wild Within Series

The Wild Within series is a deeply spiritual reflection on faith, feminine power, surrender and freedom. These vibrant, expressive paintings are inspired by florals and a visual manifestation of some of the personal changes I experienced during pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, I am not creating new life, I am simply a conduit for God to create life through my body. I feel the same about these paintings. They seemed to arrive from the heavens as I entered a new process of working- being wholly present in the studio, tuning in, listening closely to the spirit within for colour choices, brushstrokes and movement. 

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Dimensions 48 × 24 × 2 in