“Happy Days” 24×36″ Original Painting


Original canvas painting by Sarah Lewke

Signed, wired and edges finished in black

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This painting is inspired by a beautiful sunset after a day of spring skiing up at Big White Ski Resort.

Happy Trails and Big Skies: Spring 2024 Collection

This spring felt like an expansion, and opening up, for myself as an artist and a mother. My sweet little one began sleeping in longer stretches and this small measure of rest and growth allowed me to slow down, begin to regulate an incredibly alert nervous system and begin to find a deeper place of inner rest. My son and I began to explore the backyard on a daily basis, delighting in wildflowers, bugs, and interesting rocks. I ventured out for hikes alone and with the family, finding as always, incredible solace in hiking in the trails near our home. These experiences have served as potent inspiration for artmaking.

In times of anxiety, or even offering comfort to a distraught child, I never cease to be amazed by the calming and awe inspiring power of being outdoors. In this season especially I have been captivated by the sky. The majesty and incredible beauty of the clouds rolling across the landscape feature prominently in this series. 

My hope for this series is that these paintings will uplift you, bring peace and joy to your home, and remind you of the incredible power of nature to soothe and heal.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 in